Below are some answers to the questions that we are most often asked by visitors.
Yes, we do have wi-fi, and yes, it is free. But to get a consistent signal over an area of 4 hectares is quite a challenge and we are struggling to get it right all the time. So although our guests can expect to find a spot on our yard (and definitely at the Reception) where they can access the internet, it may be that you are unable to pick up the signal in the living area of your chalet.
Our premises are surrounded by an 18-string electric fence that is always electrified with 1000 volt. The front gate is always closed and opened via intercom, or by guests’ gate tags. From 19:00 in the evening to 07:00 in the morning we have at least one permanent security guard on the premises who patrols the fence and the premises in general.

You will receive, together with your room key, a gate tag. By holding the tag against the red light underneath the intercom, you are able to open the gate without ringing the intercom. The gate closes by itself.

To leave the premises, you press a green button (on a pole at the security house) at the inside of the gate, which opens the gate.

As long as you have your room key with you, you are able to come and go as you please.

Apart from wide open spaces (ideal for little bicycles), we currently have a trampoline for the kids to use. We are busy building a play park (hopefully ready in the second half of 2018), we have ordered a jumping castles for special occasions and hopefully towards the summer a splash pool will be ready as well – work in progress.

Apart from the Wimpy (about 500m from us), there are three other restaurants where one can eat, only one of them being open on a Sunday.

But we sell great-quality Kalahari lamb chops, game sosaties, garlic bread, wors – so there is always an opportunity to light a fire (we sell wood as well) and have a braai on our premises. Currently all chalets and three of the rooms have their own braai facility. The other four rooms have no braai on their doorstep, but we can always organise some chairs and tables at one of the camp sites if necessary.

There is a wooden box right next to the door of the Reception where the keys should be deposited before leaving the premises. There is a button at the gate to open it from the inside. Please do not leave the keys in the rooms or in the doors.