Electronic Check-In

We now have electronic check-in available. Once you have made your payment and the booking is confirmed, you can complete your check-in form electronically by following this link.

The check-in form refers to our indemnification, which is the following: By clicking “Yes” to the last question of the check-in form, you agree to the following indemnification:


By paying the room fee and accepting the room key, I confirm the following: I subject myself and my entourage to the conditions of accommodation and the rules of my hosts, as listed in the unit. I hereby assume liability for any losses or breakage in the unit I occupy for the duration of my stay and hereby indemnify River Chalets and Padlangs Padstal for any injury, losses of my assets as a result of theft or otherwise. This includes the swimming pool area, the fish dam and the mini zoo. I enter the property at completely my own risk. The check-in form refers to our house rules, which are the following:

House rules

Chalets and rooms have to be vacated by 10:00 in the morning to allow sufficient time for cleaning. Office hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 20:00 After 20:00: only by appointment
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09:00 – 20:00 After 20:00: only by appointment
  • The office is unfortunately unmanned between 20:00 and 08:00

Smoking is not allowed in the room or chalet. There are rubbish bins all over the premises for butts, and hopefully you will find a comfortable spot under our trees or in the garden to enjoy your smoke break.

Seeing that we generally only provide overnight accommodation, we cannot accommodate guests all through the day.

If there is an urgent need for a day-time stay, this needs to be arranged with us in advance and there may be additional costs involved.

It is obvious – and yet it needs to be mentioned – that no towels, cutlery or crockery may be removed from the chalets or rooms.

For the sake of other guests we ask that you keep noise levels down after 21:30.

Please ensure that the lights and aircon are switched off when you leave.

Please ensure that you drop your room/chalet key into the wooden box at the Reception door before you leave.

Your vehicle is parked at own risk. Please remove all baggage and contents from vehicles at night. Although we do our best to prevent theft and although we have strict security measures in place, River Chalets or the owners cannot be held liable for any damage or loss on our premises, be it through theft or any other event.

In case you are staying with us for more than one night, please ensure that your valuable items are stored in our safe at the Reception, or in your own safe storage. Although we have wonderful and honest staff, we cannot be held liable for any theft out of the rooms/ chalets. Please let us know at Reception whether you wish your room to be cleaned during the second day (or thereafter, if you stay longer).

Chalets 1 and 2 have a built-in water-based airconditioning unit. This system is only effective if there are one or two windows slightly open for the air to circulate. Please be so kind and do not set the timer as this increases the risk of the aircon switching on when no one occupies the unit. Please do not set the fan speed higher than 5.

Please do not put any tin foil or metal items into the microwave.

We love animals and have a few pets of our own. We have no problem if you bring a pet along, with the proviso that you let us know when checking in that you have a pet with you, that your pet is well-mannered and does not bother our free-roaming poultry and other guests. We also ask that you will be so kind to let us know of, and refund us for, any damage caused by your pet. Lastly, we ask that you pick up all unpleasant droppings left by your pet and throw them into the rubbish bin please.

River Chalets is situated in close proximity to the Fish River. Especially before the rainy season (October to January) the river does not flow and large stagnant pools of water provide ample breeding ground for mosquitos. Although we try our best to keep the mosquitos out of our rooms and chalets. There are still many of the little pests that make it inside. Please use the devices and blue platelets that have been provided in all rooms, for your convenience.

Note that you signed an indemnity form when you checked in with us. This means that the use of our facilities, equipment, premises, play-park, mini-zoo, swimming pool and fish dam is at own risk.

If you have any suggestions or requests, problems with equipment or repairs that are needed, please feel free to write these into the booklet provided in each room/ chalet.

Terms and Conditions

The check-in form refers to our terms and conditions which you can view by clicking here.

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